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1. This is nipponhostclub so you can only claim one Japanese person as your Host. He or She must be a real person.

2. This community is inspired by Ouran High School Host Club. And we're giving credits to june_natsuyuki for making a claiming community which this is fashioned after.

3. Yes it is limited to Japanese alone. I'll have to leave other fandoms to other people who'd like to create a themed community such as this one.

4. When posting write, "Irasshaimase..." as your title.

5. Put in the body, "My Japanese Host/(Hostess) is [Last name, First name] (Fandom, Category)" which would look like this. The category should be his most prominent one, like musician compared to actor and such.

6. Post the proper tag. They're on the side bar.

7. You must state in your profile / friends only post / side bar / etc. "My Japanese Host/(Hostess) is [last name, first name]" however you want (banners, text, etc.) and then link back to us and you must also remain a member of this community, or your claim can be taken by another user.

8. If your journal become inactive (no posts in three months) or deleted, your claim can be taken by another user.

9. Failure to any of those above may cause your post rejected / deleted or your claim taken away.

10. Please comment in this post if you have a question / suggestion. Make sure that question wasn't answered in the F.A.Q.

11. This are based on iam_lj and asian_soulmates rules.